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Why importers need to buy original certificate copy for Japan PSE certificate?

2018-07-04 18:31:21  

Since April 1st, 2001, DENTROL has been officially renamed as DENAN. The regulation system is different from the previous rules and regulations, the product safety will be ensure by unofficial organization.

Regulatory requirement purchaser in Japan must register and declare to METI within one month after purchased commodity. The electrical and electronics product which in the range of DENAN directory sales on Japanese market must pass PSE.

DENAN classify the electrical and electronics products into two, one is specified products (115 kinds of product), the other is non-specified products (338 kinds of product).

Specified product must be tested and inspected by Third-party certification body whom authorized with METI, and stuck PSE diamond label on it. Third-party Detection Institution will issue the PSE certification, certificate’s validity is 3 to 7 years.

Non-specified product is proved the conformity of product by self-examination and statement, and stuck PSE circle label on it. That is the reason we must buy certificate copy.

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