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What kind of safety certification of power adapter do Merry King have?

2018-07-04 18:25:29  

All of the power adapter (switching adapter, transformer) from Merry King are comply with relevant national safety requirements and certifications.

Safety Certifications:

North America (UL): To meet the requirements of USA and Canadian governments, apply to  UL1950 information products, certificate no.: E159249/E361658; apply to UL1310 home products, certificate no.: E149533.

Europe (GS, CE): Approved by the EC, apply to Information class safety standards EN60950-1/A12:2011, certificate no.: 22489, issued by the German TUV.

Japan (PSE): Issued by JET to meet the Japanese electrical product safety item 1, certificate no.: JET6064-61010-1001, and issued by TUV to meet J60950 & J55022, certificate no.: JP-0821/0822.

Australia (SAA): To meet AS/NZS60950.1:2011 & AS/NZS 3112:2011, certificate no.: GMA-102119-EA-001.

Based on international agreement of IECEE “Qualified electrician product testing and certification system of the world”, which approved by 53 industrialized countries, the CB certification standard is: IEC60950-1 with test report. We also have Korea K-MARK certification, China GB4943 CCC certification and Russia POCC RU certification, etc.

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